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It's NEVER too Late to Get Healthy



My name is Mistee Martin and I am a personal trainer in the Des Moines metro area.  Fitness has been my life for 20+ years, so I decided to turn that passion into a career!  I studied under the National Association of Sports Medicine where I obtained my certification, and now want to give back my knowledge and years of experience to those that want to live a long healthy lifestyle. I am also a certified Nutritional Coach which puts my clients a step above the others. Instead of paying for a separate nutritional coach for hire; I do both! 

What I strive for most in my clients is for them to understand that change doesn't happen overnight.  It takes small, sustainable actions which start with how you fuel your body.  Incorporating proper exercises into your life, and the ability to change your mindset for long term success are all crucial for overall health. Every day stress is something that can make change difficult, but stress is a part of life.  I am a widow and recently remarried with two boys of my own, so I understand stress and how it can make change difficult.  That's why I'm here!!  From DAY 1 I will be your nutritional coach, giving you the necessary tools to ensure proper food choices that you can take with you for life.  I will most importantly be your fitness trainer, guiding you safely to your goals whatever they may be.  

If you are committed to achieving a healthy lifestyle then put your trust in me and let's begin this journey together!


How I Can Help You

private studio


Pre/Post Natal,

pre/post menopausal Sessions

These are private 60 minute sessions involving low to moderate intensity core and strength training exercises.   Those who are currently pregnant or recovering postpartum will learn how to safely strengthen your core and entire body.  Improve how you feel physically and emotionally so you can take better care of you and baby.  

This is also for those women who are struggling with weight entering into and beyond menopause. Learn how nutrition and proper strength training can get you back to feeling confidant again! 

Prices starting at $520 a month and include nutritional coaching


*Other Training Options:

Virtual (Facetime)

- Train in YOUR Home 

- Personalized App for Online Workouts.


Private Studio

train with a friend!

These 60 minute; semi-private sessions are for those who love working out with a friend.  At a discounted rate, both you and your friend will be put through a strength training program that's fun and built to scorch calories while building lean muscle mass.  

Prices starting at $400 a month and include nutritional coaching

Nutritional coaching

Learn how to transform your body through the science of macro nutrition. You don't have to conform to the idea that age, post partem, or premenopausal / menopausal weight gain is inevitable. This science-based approach will never involve restrictions! Unlike other fad diets you have tried, this method will help you to attain the body composition changes that you strive for!!

$150 a month

Cassidy Fineley


Honestly, words won't suffice for how amazing and attentive Mistee is.  I have been working with her for a few months and she is not only a great motivator but she cares about you and your journey on another level.  I started working with her when I was at my lowest point and she has been there for me in ways that I can't thank her.  I would recommend her for anyone who is looking for someone to help be their constant during you wellness journey.  She is amazing and I'm so thankful I've found her!  She is worth it and so are you!


Lisa Moore

Stay at Home Mom

44 is not 40!  I realized this a few months ago when I just couldn't figure out why I could not loose weight the same way I did 4 years ago.  I was already eating healthy, exercised, but nothing was working.  I decided I needed to try something different and outside my comfort zone.  That's when I found Mistee.  As a current client of Mistee, she has taught me to be accountable for myself, but also giving myself room to enjoy life.  I first started with Mistee back in November and I already feel stronger, more flexible, and better about myself.  At my first 6 week check I had lost 2 1/4 inches around my waist and 9 1/4 inches overall.  I was amazed at the results.  The results I have achieved to date are largely due to Mistee's perfect combination of diverse training methods, individualized exercise program, and challenging yet achievable goal setting.  I can tell that Mistee truly cares about me and my success.  She not only understands the science of personal training, she also understands how to motivate you to keep going.  No matter where you are in life, what your fitness goals may be, I am certain that Mistee can get you there! I plan to continue with Mistee and I can see more success in my future.

Jacqui Mulcahy


I found Mistee after joining a local mom's group to originally help me navigate motherhood.  I am a new mom, and like many before me I struggled accepting my post-partum body and was lost on where to start.  I originally had an internal battle even contacting her because I was so ashamed of where I was in terms of fitness and I didn't want to burden anyone with the task of hand holding me through a workout.  Finally one day I reached out and there has been no looking back.  Not only has she helped me progress physically, but she has also encouraged better nutrition. These collectively resulted in improvements of my mental health.  Within six weeks of working with her I was back to my pre-baby weight, felt amazing, and was mindfully eating.  She offers a perfect balance of encouragement, touch love, flexibility, and professionalism.  Not only can I thank her enough, I also would recommend her to anyone who is wanting to better themselves.

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